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  • 1. Hair loss is not something which will get corrected usually on its own or by just using certain oils/ spas/ massages. It needs proper medical evaluation.
  • 2. Hair loss can be a sign of an underlying nutritional, hormonal, metabolic disorder or an infective process in the body either localised or systemic, drug intake etc.
  • 3. Hair loss in females can be a part of an Iron deficiency anemia, Vitamin- b 12/ Folic acid deficiency. A proper exam will help to diagnose and correct the cause.
  • 4. 'Post-Partum Telogen Effluium' (Post Pregnancy Hair Loss) is a recognized entity that needs proper evaluation.
  • 5. Hormonal disturbances such as thyroid dysfunction and PCOD can also contribute to significant hair loss in females.
  • 6. Hair loss in males is generally patterned and called the AGA (Androgen etic alopecia) caused by an increase in DHT (Dihydrotestoterone) in the scalp leading to follicular thinning. It needs proper clinical examination, assessment of the grade of baldness, examination through various diagnostic tests such as a trichoscope, trichogram, hair pull test. It can be improved using topical or/ and systemic medications & procedures such as mesotherapy, PRP and Hair transplant.
  • 7. People have a myth that frequent shampooing leads to increased hair loss. It is not true. In fact, keeping the hair un-shampooed leads to increased dirt and sebum accumulation leading to dandruff & hair loss.
  • 8. Certain infections and diseases such as Dengue, typhoid, prolonged febrile illnesses and diabetes etc. can also lead to increased hair loss.
  • 9. Chemical and heat treatment such as Rebonding, straightening, pressing etc. should be minerally used and done with proper care/precautions
  • 10. Hair dryers should be used minimally and if at all at a distance of atleast 6 inches away from your hair and preferably at a cold mode setting.
  • 11. Lack of exercise, junk food and sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on your hair's health. So beware!!
  • 12. Hair loss can be a part of certain autoimmune disorders such as alopecia areata and even after chemotherapy/ in certain malignancies.

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Dr. Suruchi Puri's Desk

We are professional "skin, hair & oral care" centre, running it succesfully for more than 12 years in the heart of west delhi. We are providing all skin & hair care services such as skin peelings and skin polishings for treatment of blemishes, acne & acne scars, pigmentation & skin rejuvenation for improvement of skin complexion & texture.

Our hair care services include medical and surgical treatment for Baldness, Mesotherapy, Microneedling and Autologous PRP forhair regrowth.

We has an office based dermatology practice offering the best of dermatological services in an ethical and evidence based manner,at Janakpuri and at Vikaspuri. Utmost attention is taken to provide the best medical care and maximum comfort to each and every patient who seeks our care. Treatments available at our Clinic and basic information on common skin conditions can be accessed in the website.



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