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Botox has its presence in Indian Market for over 10

Botox has its presence in Indian Market for over 10 years now .Doctor For Botox Injections Should be a physician or dermatologist for Botox Injections should have required expertise in this treatment .Botox is botulinum toxin type A which is mostly used for Improving Facial Aesthetics . Botox Injection for Face In Delhi are done by many Centers but patient should be cautious that it should be ideally done by dermatologist trained in this field . Dermatologist for Botox has to follow certain training and risk management before the administration of Botox . Patient should ideally ask for certificate of training from the dermatologist about Botox administration.

Signs of ageing may be observed due to genetics, bone changes, atrophy of the underlying dermis, role of gravity, repetitive facial expressions , smoking , photoageing , diet and other external factors like pollution and environmental factors.

In our center before we start Botox therapy the patient is made to understand the effects of ageing on whole face .Proper medical history along with lifestyle modification, assessment of facial type and age and gender are given due importance . The quality of skin with surface irregularities if any , Pigmentation and volume loss is also assessed . The aim is to have the good optimal effects along with natural looking results .Before Botox Injections we keep structural changes , superficial lines and wrinkles and volume loss in mind and then tailor make the need of Injection for every patient and in every subsequent sittings . Patient's are discussed in detail about Potential Side Effects Of Botox Injections And Benefits Of Botox Injection so that they can make an informed consent for its administration.

The Patients are told before hand the Treatment Is Not A Permanent Solution and they need maintenance sessions .The most common indications of Botox are : Glabellar Lines, Crow's Feet Lines, ForeHead Lines or as suggested by dermatologist.

Best Center For Botox administration In Delhi /West Delhi or any other Clinic For Botox Injections In Delhi should have a dermatologist who has excellent knowledge of facial Anatomy , should take comprehensive history of the patient, counselling of the patient about after Injection care and appropriate hygiene during the treatment.

Botox can be used in the form of injections which are done by dermatologist after proper case analysis . The effect of Botox may last for 4-6 months and may need touch up sessions . Botox Injections for Wrinkles on face work best if given at the designated sites which is first discussed with the patient . Botox can also be used to improve "gummy smile " which is quite often seen by dentist and needs correction . Botox may also be used to improve dimpling and ageing in the chin areas which patient wants to improve and thus gives him the needed cure . Botox helps one go gain confidence as Wrinkles are taken care off .

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