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Mouth ulcer is a generalized term which can affect any individual during his life span.Mouth ulcer may heal by itself or on application of topical medication/gargles/oral medication or may affect the individual with recurrence associated with pain or no pain.All mouth ulcers in the mouth are not cancerous in nature.They may be the manifestation of local irritant, dental problems like sharp tooth or filling, stress, GI disturbances,may be due to systemic disease with oral manifestation and most commonly skin disesase with oral manifestation.

Oral /Mouth ulcers should be taken seriously if they are non healing for more than a weeks time., if they have pain or if no pain is there, are recurrent., bleeding, increasing in size, and impairing the movement of tongue and cheek.

We at Dr.Suruchi Puri Makeovers have the facility of dermatologist Dr.Suruchi Puri and renowned Oral Pathologist of Delhi , DR. NAVEEN PURI , M.D.S., Prof. And Head in Oral pathology, for differentiating and treating oral ulcers and swellings.

Doctors may advice the patient with mouth ulcer for incisional or excisional biopsy according to history and clinical assessment .Similarly oral swellings may need histopathological assessment.

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